Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kantoi ( Busted )

SO manglish..... you go girl! Read the story and you will know what I mean.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Lomo - Fisheye

My first shot of lomography... bought the fisheye lomo in HK during one of my business trip, still getting the hang of it.
Love the fact that I dnt know how the pics will turn out, a bit "paiser" when developing the film.. so old school..
Pic1 Pic 2
Pic 3 Pic 4
Pic 1 : Thats a shot of Widjaya's windmill which i got it in Beijing
Pic 2: Steamboat gathering at my place
Pic 3: Seafood platter spread
Pic 4: Widjaya's " i dnt wanna be shot" shot....

My "Whitey"

Check out my DIY fixie, I name it "whitey" simply cos it's all white , how original......

Anyway..would probably pimp it with some stickies once I get sick of the white
Till then... see ye