Saturday, September 19, 2009


MEt Up with Kat of PEONFX in around Haji Lane to pick up some of their merchandise... excellent service!

I ordered a PEONFX ELECTROKEYS TEE ( Black , Size L ) and a set of PEONFX Sticker to decorate "Whitey" in the event he is scarred.....

Wrote to Kat in the morning and within minutes, she replied... great attitude great salesmanship... Bravo!

Some snaps of the merchandise..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prototype for Whitey

This was the prototype build using PedalID's site for my "Whitey!" Was on a tight budget prior to buidling the bike but I wanted to know exactly what "whitey" would look like prior to ordering the parts! Pretty cool for a non IT Savvy Uncle ... yek yek yek

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday walk in Shibuya!

Was in Tokyo for work  last week, decided to go round Shibuya for shopping and saw heaps of riders in the busy shopping streets, most of them are single speed & fixie on the street, doubt I will ever have time to cover everything but I will try to squeeze in as much stuff as possible.
Surprisingly, most of the fixie are fixed with front brakes, I guess it makes sense since there are heaps of slopes in Shibuya. Every corner you turn, there will be a cool bike parked beside the street or next to a vending machine(WOnder if we could do the same here in Singapore without getting our bike stolen or a hefty penalty?) Surprisingly theratio of male vs female riders are ~ 60% 40%, not so bad....
I like this two bike expecially. just simple and clean. I am seriously considering getting myself a good bicycle bag and bring my bike along for my next trip there.
By the way, I saw some fixie figurings from Pedal iD, shall update them another time. See ye