Saturday, January 30, 2010

Speedcat Frame + Fork - Shanghai

Was in Shanghai for a short business trip and took some time off to check out the Speedcat located in Xiang Yang Nan Road, Its sorta like TR Bikes in Singapore but they design theur own bikes and organizes alleycat races, bike polos and street rides.
I forgot to jog down the name of the friendly & chubby Cool dude that served me.
Anyway, gotten myself a pair of rinproject gloves and a matt black speedcat frame. Will probably fix up a new bike for wifey! Keep you guys updated.. see ye!

Stickies from Fixie Pixie,,

Received a surpirse package from a old pal of mine who is now better known as Fixie Pixie... The stickies are awesome man... Thanks alot! Beer is on me when we meet! See ye....